Left Behind, and Living Life…

I’ve been living life without parents since 2004. My dad passed away suddenly when I was ten years old. My mom died in 2004 of multiple health complications. After years of trying to process it all, and living in somewhat of a fog, I finally learned to embrace life after such loss,  even though my parents are still dearly missed.

After my parents died, I found it helpful to talk with other people who’d been through similar experiences. Losing a parent at a young age changes your life forever, in ways that only another “orphan” (of any age) could understand. I was fortunate to have three siblings, but they are considerably older and were busy managing their own grief and hectic lives. I logged onto some online “support” groups, but found them to be full of despair and quite depressing.

To that end, I’ve created this site. I hope to share with readers that life after losing parents not only goes on, it can be fulfilling even when you no longer have a mom and dad around to share life’s special moments, good and bad. Whether you’ve lost one parent or both, to death or some other form of separation, I hope you’ll find support and a place to share your thoughts, perspectives, and experiences here. I welcome your feedback and comments on the posts and appreciate your stories as well, if you’d care to share them with the NoParentsNoProblem community.

Please note: I am not a professional counselor or mental healthcare professional. These are my stories and observations based on my experiences and informal research. If you are feeling hopeless or despondent about your situation, please seek professional help.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts! If you like what you read or if you think it could be helpful to others please invite others to NoParentsNoProblem.com to read and join the discussions!


Andrea Clement Santiago


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